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Our Search & Selection methodology offers improvement in quality, service and speed. Our network of skilled candidates is excellent and concise as we specialise in only four niche areas: Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain, Market Research, Commercial Finance and HR. We don’t wait for candidates to find us. We find them. We know who they are, we know where they are. We know their performance standards. We would welcome the opportunity to prove our quality of service to you, and to take up the challenge of hard-to-fill positions.

Why Choose Syndicate

Guaranteed Candidate Placement

By asking the client, candidate and referee the right questions to elicit critical information that assures accurate, lasting and integral appointments.

Real Value for Money

Our proven methods ensure that you get the right placement as efficiently as possible, saving you both time and money.

Excellent Turnaround Times

We obtain the correct information to source accurately, we have proactively mapped talent and we move quickly.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does it take to get a candidate placed?

    Our turnaround times are 45-60 days vs industry norms of 75-90 days. In many instances our network can yield immediate results.

    Does Syndicate only operate in South Africa?

    We are based in Gauteng, South Africa, however assist with both National and International plaements.

    How does Syndicate keep their consultants up to date with the latest industry news and trends?

    We are committed to a culture of learning in our environment. We strive to ensure that our consultants are truly the best of the best. We do this through our internal mentoring, knowledge sharing and external training.

    How does Syndicate engage with and manage client accounts?

    We have a team that manages a client’s account whilst there is one account manager that interfaces with the client.  There are usually 3 key people who are assigned to manage an account; with support from the balance of the internal team. This includes the lead consultant, a researcher and an internal consultant.  Our entire team work collectively and collaboratively in ensuring objectives are met.  Knowledge regarding a client or role is not in the hands of only one person; this ensures long-term sustainable client management and delivery.  The lead consultant manages the client and projects; ensuring quality and service levels are being met and projects are on track.

    All information regarding a role or client is tracked on our technologically advanced software. This means that we can draw information, review historical information, track performance, etc. We are able to tailor intricate reports as the client requires.

    We discuss service feedback with clients regularly informally (telephonic).  We take feedback very seriously and guarantee that all matters brought to our attention would be dealt with swiftly.

    What is Syndicates placement success rate?

    We offer a staggering 80% success rate to our clients. In fact we confidently state that we rarely lose a placement to our competitors; the 20% balance is predominantly due to an internal placement being made or an appointment due to an internal referral.

    Why should I choose Syndicate as my recruitment firm?

    • We are a specialized recruitment firm which translates into high placement ratios and quick delivery.
    • We have a large network of active and passive talent within the Sales, Marketing and Supply Chain fields that we have built relationships with over many years and who are receptive to Syndicate.
    • We have gained trust from the industry, both from clients and candidates; based on our long history and prowess within our areas of specialization.
    • We have an intimate knowledge of our niche market, the roles and our client organizations.
    • Our market knowledge is unrivalled; we know the trends, industry, salaries, etc. We are experts within our field.
    • Our staff are continuously trained; we foster a culture of learning, gaining knowledge and information sharing; you are guaranteed interactions with consultants who are of the highest caliber.
    • We offer strong formalized internal policies that ensure speed and quality of delivery. We have strategic quality interventions throughout the process.
    • We have longstanding relationships with clients which attains to our proven ability to deliver.
    • We are strategic about which clients we don’t seek out PSL’s; to ensure that we have a sufficiently large talent pool to headhunt from.
    • Candidates more than often seek us out; we have a reputation in the industry for being specialists within sales, marketing and supply chain roles.
    • We have a good knowledge of working within client’s eRecruitment platforms.
    • We offer a staggering 80% success rate to our clients. In fact we confidently state that we rarely lose a placement to our competitors; the 20% balance is predominantly due to an internal placement being made or an appointment due to an internal referral.
    • Our core team members have a long tenure with Syndicate Personnel assuring stability and deep relationship building.

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